About me

I offer One to One styling an exclusive experience for both men and women to create their own individual style, to enhance their personal image, to assist them with their shopping and thus, helping them in making the best choices to suit their special occasions or everyday life style.

Personal Stylist London , Personal Shopper London

Choosing a personal stylist is an investment in yourself and your future. An image consultant can create a perfectly “bespoke” look for you, one that puts you in the best possible light, projecting the best of you to the world, whether you want a look that is professional, sophisticated, glamorous, chic, elegant, stylish, fashionable or a mixture of all. Whether you are going for a job interview, first date, for a social or a company event, your look plays a huge and essential role in how people perceive you. As an image advisor, she works closely with you as a client to make sure that what you choose to wear represents the best “you” possible; the end result offering a confident bespoke look of elegance and style for special occasions or more casual lifestyle.

I am London based and have experience in assisting with shopping in Paris, Rome, Milan, Stockholm and cities from the Middle East. Prior to launching my own personal styling and image consultancy, I have worked as a high profile PR to major UK companies having a good command of social skills and dealing with people from all international background both in private and public sectors.

My personal shopping service can be booked for a full day, half day or shorter session for those who have very little time with their working lifestyle. I also provide a concierge shopping service for those with busy schedules, but only after an initial consultation in which I meet my client and have an in-depth style and colour analysis, and establish what is most flattering and appropriate to each client. I also provide advice and do gift shopping for both men and women who wish to offer their partners an exclusive treat.

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