Sartoria Rossi

I am happy to work with Sartoria Rossi which has been founded in Marciano della Chiana, in the well-known province of Arezzo, in 1979. Most of all the beautiful Tuscan region has always been a pool of skilled workers and experienced tailors. This combination of high quality features has set the stage for the winning idea: create a tailoring brand with an exclusive manufacturing Made in Italy.

Years in advance to the latest trend of managing a direct retail channel, since 2000 Sartoria Rossi has constantly believed in the importance of the closeness to the final customer. With this strong commitment the company has begun a directional development of the stores worldwide, positioning the boutiques in the most important luxury streets, in Italy and abroad.

From the firm’s early days, the workshop in Marciano della Chiana has been a reflection of the creative craftsmanship expertise of Sartoria Rossi, its strong bond with Tuscany and its impressive know-how, closely linked with the workmanship tradition of Arezzo.

The use of the finest Italian raw materials combines with the fundamental skills of impassioned craftsmen devoted to the noble art of a job well done, shaping exquisite, bespoke creations for a new approach to custom tailoring, able to keep pace with changing times.

Collaboration with Sartoria Trenti

It is a pleasure to work with Sartoria Trenti on creation of bespoke “su misura” suits for my clients. Not only are they perfectionists in the execution of their workmanship , but their styles for both men and women show a great variety that offers clients flexibility and choice and most importantly “ originality “ 
Paying attention to detail makes them distinctive in their niche . 

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Francesco represents the third generation of tailors in his family. He trained under master tailors of the Milanese school of tailoring, who impressed upon him the understated softness and curves of tailoring. After five and a half years of apprenticeship in both menswear and womenswear, Francesco spent half a decade in Savile Row in a wide range of roles.
At Sartoria Trenti, he combines Milanese heritage with English formality to bring a new bespoke service to his clients. His garments are simple and elegant, emphasizing shapes and fit achievable only through a bespoke garment. Through subtle details in the design, he weaves in a certain sprezzatura that is characteristic to Italian tailoring.
Looking forward to further fruitful collaboration with these amazing Italian artisans!!

Personal Styling in London

Personal shopping is all about creating an image for my client, identifying and purchasing specific items of clothing, different styles and colours, that flatter the individual. Many a time, these items put together all make a “capsule wardrobe” – the items that can be mixed and matched, creating versatile different looks that do not take too much space either in the wardrobe or in the travelling suitcase.

Also, personal shopping is all about you as a client telling me what you wish to obtain from your session with me, the look, the style, the occasion for which it is needed, etc… and for me to do my utmost in the shortest of time to deliver that which you wish for, not only respecting your choices but also your budget and your comfort zone. So, for example, if a client wishes to have a session with me to create a few “work – business” looks, I firstly find the adequate shops and items to do exactly just that and then present them to him/her. Either I do it together with the client and we spend time doing the shopping together but “gliding” easily through items with my quick input of seeing things and finding and creating the “look”, putting together a lot of combinations that fulfil the job …. or …
I go ahead on my own with the client’s specification and I do the job on my own and deliver the results on their doorstep. If they choose to keep the items and they are happy; great ! If not… then I go back and exchange or refund, as the case may be.

I have my own arrangements with various shops and boutiques that allow some flexibility to all my clients .

So now perhaps, it is easy to understand the difference between personal shopping and concierge shopping which is the latter, where I go shopping on behalf of the client, either for the client’s sake or for any particular present or gift voucher the client wishes to offer to someone else.

Wardrobe organising is all about me getting to know and see the client’s personal wardrobe, where we both go through all the items existing and I suggest what is outdated, what item works best with what and the colour schemes that are most flattering, what needs replacing, what is worth keeping, what else we need to add to the existent wardrobe so that it gets enhanced and revamped and renewed !

After all, when someone is getting the help of a stylist they have to really see and feel the difference. Also for all those around them to notice how good they look without actually seeing it as an obvious change, but more as a subtle distinctive change that suits the person.

It has to be a very fine difference that actually makes a huge noticeable difference… My job is “to stretch ” my clients to see beyond a certain habitual style or colour scheme, but still be in their comfort zone, so that they relate to what they are adding to their wardrobe, and make good use of it, feel at ease and comfortable with what they are wearing .

I “stretch ” just as much as it is permissible without inflicting too much anxiety or discomfort on my clients purchasing and wearing the items. I never go for crazy new looks… I pick more the items that are elegant, glamorous – even if it is a track suit !!! ( I’m exaggerating a bit … but it’s for the sake of understanding where I’m coming from ) and also that these pieces can be worn timelessly , so that you as a client get more for your money.

I build on those items that are versatile, can be worn in more than one or two situations and occasions . This implies a quick good eye for items, the right perception of what the client is all about and what is suitable and is within the client’s comfort zone and budget limit.

I’m here to help my clients feel comfortable and happy within themselves and with themselves

That’s the way I work . This is my target . And my popularity is usually due to word of mouth rather than through any other form of advertisement .

Children Summer wardrobe 2019. Personal shopping in London

How do you create a “capsule wardrobe” for a child to cover all the aspects of their life, going from outfits for the playground, for the beach to party frocks for birthdays and special occasions?

I’ve been recently contacted by a family with 6 children requesting the job of creating the summer wardrobe for the children on a budget that covers beach wear, sport, casual, smart and smart casual, offering maximum versatility and functionality. To get all of this, I’ve used John Lewis children wear department, as it has offered me value for money and a great choice all in one place.

Mixing and matching outfits couldn’t have been easier, creating individuality for each child and covering all scopes.

A reasonable budget has covered for 20 outfits of mix & match of non-sale items. This is an example of a capsule wardrobe for a child. 

I am attaching pictures of some of the items  for children age from 6 months to 5 years old, boys and girls