Shopping with a professional personal stylist can really save a lot of time and money in the long term. Also, shopping doesn’t have to be a lengthy nerve wrecking experience. With a professional focused approach targeted to address the client’s individualism, and shopping with the experience of knowing where to buy and what to buy to flatter each person’s type, body shape, size and be respectful of the client’s budget, will turn a typical stressful shopping trip into a pleasurable experience.

A personal shopper will advise with the right clothing choices for every type of client, of any age, considering their shape, individuality, sharing invaluable tips of how to dress confidently for the various lifestyles, choosing the best colours to suit the natural colouring of the client and identifying accessories that complement and set-off the outfits.

The right outfit for the right occasion has an amazingly positive impact on all those around us. “Capsule Wardrobes” are extremely versatile and benefit the client with the practicality of mixing and matching those items that reflect the individuality of the wearer. “Capsule Wardrobe” makes anyone’s life easier, especially for businessmen and businesswomen who are constantly “on the go” and have little time to spare for their outfits and appearance.

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