Many wardrobes are cluttered with the wrong styles, wrong fitted clothes, wrong colours that do not flatter the person’s image or items that have been bought and never used. One’s wardrobe should consist of a classic garment base that suits each individual’s lifestyle but also those unique pieces that stand out and create individuality and a bespoke look.The wardrobe styling and management session addresses a complete overhaul that de-clutters effectively those items that are not flattering, are unsuitable, are not of a correct fit ,and puts in order the existent favourite workable items, demonstrating how to create stylish outfits mixing and matching the existent clothes and using accessories and footwear to create stylish looks.During the session, “gaps” in the wardrobe of each client are highlighted and a shopping list of what needs to be purchased to complete the wardrobe will be provided. At client’s request, the shopping list can be addressed at a later date, accompanying the client for a personal shopping session or doing the ‘concierge’ shopping for the client. In this latter case, items will be bought and brought home for trial and fittings and only if they look 100% will they be introduced to the wardrobe. Unwanted garments will be returned on behalf of the client.

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